Thursday, 17 February 2011

More Emma

First of all, I'm not obsessed with Emma Watson! I just think she's incredibly lucky and leads a truly amazing life!
The Emma Watson collaboration with Alberta Ferretti has been an on going project which we never seem to hear that much about. I read there will be images of the line and Emma wearing it published in US Vogue, March issue. I can't help but be disappointed that I wont be able to get hold of an actual magazine! I'm sure it will be easy to find the photos on the net, but it's nice to have the actual source. 

I read the range id full of light and floaty fabrics, maxi dresses, blouses and light summer materials. Sounds lovely :)

"I will put it out there that I will work for anyone for free if they are prepared to make their clothing fair trade organic."

Emma in US Vogue (I think) wearing one of the Blouses she has designed. 

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