Tuesday, 15 February 2011

my urban outfitters backpack, i love it! so soft and reduced from €€€40 pounds to twenty two! wahooo

they where in topshop for a fiver, nearly bought them but they where an eight i am a seven :( and also they where a little battered :(

i loved these even more!! only 15 pounds but they didn't fit cos they where a nine haha! whats slightly depressing is the fact they almost fit!!! but i bought a pretty top from topshop instead :)

just something ive been working on for my art work, its oil pastel and there is something not quite right about it, i know her hand and hairline is dodgy but there is something else i'm not sure of :(

just the wall in my room i put some paintings up, they arent't anything special i was just messing around with some new art equiptment i got :) need to get some more work done but i am too lazy :(